To order custom furniture tochukwu ammon

Sophistication and style of interior design are created experts hands. Oak furniture. Dream new project apartment wisely achieved due to its equipment : ornament part and handmade furniture. Produced of furniture to order, no matter what style it is made, whether or Country Provence, antique or classic, and may engage for its ease and warm chalet-style or a strict high-tech, modern Modern, this furniture is known for the quality and originality. Garden furniture with his own hands out of wood. Production of business furniture.Dreams and desires of the designer decorated collected in a specialist create wonderful furniture for a handy life.

Expensive furniture

Punching or order handmade furniture

In the furniture stores many, but you want an new interior of his apartment. No punching and mass consumption! Yes, hand-crafted furniture! Furniture made of wood with their hands. Tables chairs, stairs, for cottages, columns with capitals, wooden patterns in general, all that your heart wish, and even a little more. Wooden furniture advantageous distinguished the beauty of the materials structure and excellent finish details. Bar stool wooden. Oak staircases, such as a rock robust and durable. Their design construction for comfort and convenience. Oak staircases create a home environment of strength and durability. LED lighting. Production of carved decorative pieces, created by specialists carving wood, for example, attracted interest to the beauty of the interior parts. Exclusive furniture to order it as a person bases itself around the space. Stairs Customization. The set of material is a huge oak, ash, beech, maple, larch, walnut and pine.Individual hand-made furniture for those who deserve and appreciate the atmosphere of calm and comfort. Furniture preobresti indicate wealth dwelling owners.

Custom furniture, or the subtleties of the moment

Furniture is individual order to have size of the future owners. The required size of the width and length of the wall where you planned to install the furniture, the location of windows and doors, ceiling height, location of water pipes and heating systems. Restoration of wooden furniture. If require guager make the desired measurements on site. Buy in kitchen. When you creation a drawing with the designer specify every detail of the project. Steps, stairs beech. When placing furniture have into account its functionality, pick up the needed accessories and decorative part , think these points. Be sure to visit the production of furniture, there is certainly variety . You will be direct to see for myself as furniture from the manufacturer.

Shipping and payment

The design planof your future furniture or interior decoration ├▒reated, requires your approval. Material and ├▒olor selected. Sign by contracts. When signing the contract free travel gager. Corner kitchen set kitchen. Advance payment of at least 50% of the sums in cash. Remaining the furniture be made at the Pickup or delivery of performing, possible mounted. Buy furniture cabinets. To order office furniture. Payment of non-cash 100% when design the order, then the order is passed to the work of handyman cabinetmaker.

Furniture assembly

How to purchase furniture?

We make furniture to order. It is required to carefully fill in the application form on the site, specifying their contact details. Dressing table with his hands. Be sure to check the measurements of the future of furniture and leaving gager order if demands. Accessories for stairs from pine. Shortly you will be contacted a furniture master order to detail the nuances.

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